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Hi There

The Round Pencil is the alter-ego for Unnikrishnan.
When not being a product guy for the organization that pays me to remain "round", I dabble in building apps, doing pro-bono consulting, writing stuff, and binging on science fiction books, series & movies.

What I do well?

Where I do good?

My Startups


BodhianZ Logo

Co-Founded Bodhianz with the aim of building apps and hardware. Learnt the nuances of starting up to move an idea to its implementation, before having to move on other avenues due to technical challenges.


Rainingifts Logo

Boot strapped a Indian wedding gifts registry, bringing together e-commerce and family traditions to the new-age. Had to let go of pursing it further, as we could not raise seed capital.

What have I done?

My Apps

Conceptualized, Created & Launched M0RX, N0W.
4.6+*, 4K+ DAUs, 35K+ Downloads, 0 Cost Marketing.

  • Zero to One to N
  • Conceptualization
  • Marketing
  • B2C

0 to 1 Creation

0 to 1 for a new IIoT, Big Data product.
Created first of its kind, domain agnostic, Asset Modelling & Search SaaS for Enterprises.
Built SMAG platform, reducing release cycles by over 60% for initiatives around loyalty, engagement & e-learning

  • Zero to One
  • Exterprise Products
  • Products
  • Platforms
  • B2B

1 to N Growth

New features improved engagement by 3X.
DevOps strategy reduced TTM by 30%.
Refactored Product Architecture improving performance by over 25%

  • One to N
  • User Growth
  • Architecture
  • DevOps


Led Thought Leadership series for a niche product, generating 2X leads.
Created Omni-channel Product Sales Pipeline, widening outreach by 5X.

  • Marketing
  • Thought Leadership
  • Market Growth
  • Partner Strategy